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Cyclist spots an abandoned and helpless puppy at the end of the road


Damian Machi, a cross-country cycling enthusiast set off on a routine training ride near his home in Argentina. He never realized however that on the way, he would end up saving a life.

He was riding his bike on a remote area with dirt roads when he spotted an animal at the side of the road.  He claimed to have seen something running on the weeds as he was doing his training.

He did continue the ride briefly before stopping to reconsider that he should perhaps go back and reexamine the issue better. The video below shows everything that happened next.

Sure enough, the creature that Machi spotted was an abandoned puppy, who seemed clearly happy for having been rescued. With that event, Machi’s routine training turned into a rescue mission. He picked the puppy up and carried him in his arms toward his home .


The puppy seemed to know that he had escaped his grim fate for he was too happy and eager to go back.

Apart from cycling, Machi’s other passion is to help animals in need. So after sending the puppy on a check-up to the veterinarian, he posted a photo of the dog on social media.

Before long, the puppy was adopted by a really nice family. They named her Juanita.


Aside from needing treatment for ticks, Juanita is doing really well, Machi said- a far better scenario than what would have awaited her if the man had never showed up.

Machi hopes to make people aware that they should not abandon their dogs; if they are unable to keep them for longer, they should at least take them to an adoption center. Machi lastly added that Juanita is really happy at her new home.


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