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These Police Departments Needed Cheaper K9s, So They Started Adopting Pit Bulls

Is it just me or are pit bulls always in and out of the news cycle?

Last month, the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada banned pit bulls! Because, you know, they’re living monsters that are dead set on killing the human species. It has nothing to do with incompetent owners who shouldn’t own chihuahuas much less pit bulls. Thankfully, that ban has been lifted for the time being and dog owners in Montreal can still legally buy the breed.

Point being, these loveable, yet sometimes menacing pups love to make headline news.

This week, pit bulls are in the news for all the right reasons.

Do you know how much an average police dog costs?

About $15,000 for a German Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois.


That’s expensive!

And police departments, some of whom are facing budget restrictions, are starting to feel the pinch. So what’s the solution?

City of Strongsville

The Animal Farm Foundation, along with Austin Pets Alive! and Universal K9 think they have a solution.

Any guesses as to what the solution is?

Can you think of a breed of dog that has continually been picked on and vilified in the media over the years that might cost less than your average shepherd?

Facebook | Protect Pit Bulls from BSL

Pit bulls!

“Police Departments are finally getting it,” explained Protect Pit Bulls from BSL.

“Instead of spending $10,000 to $15,000 for a trained Belgian or GSD, they are now taking pit bulls from shelters and training them, and they are proving themselves to be amazing police and military K9s.”

Facebook | Protect Pit Bulls from BSL

Pit bulls are a strong and obedient breed. But there’s a stigma.

Despite being an excellent potential police K9 breed, pit bulls are often looked over because of the unfair bias as them being breeds of uncontrollable rage. This is a stigma Protect Pit Bulls from BSL wants to end. “BSL” stands for “breed-specific legislation” that notoriously picks on pit bulls and other strong breeds of dogs.

Little Things

So these three organizations are getting police departments to adopt pit bulls so they don’t have to be euthanized.

“Any dog that has the drive, confidence, and desire to work can do it! Breed does not dictate a dog’s ability to work,” explained Universal K9 founder Brad Croft.

Facebook | Protect Pit Bulls from BSL

Evidently, they’re pretty good at their job.

Which is why many police departments have already begun adopting pit bulls as their K9 of choice:

The Washougal Police Department, the Chattahoochee Hills department, the Georgia Police Department, and the Poughkeepsie Police Department in New York have all recently brought on pit bulls.

Facebook | Protect Pit Bulls from BSL

But they’re cursed by a simple name.

A study showed that in a shelter where breed labels were eliminated, the adoption rate for pit bulls went up, their euthanasia rate went down 12 percent and their length of stay at the shelter was reduced.

Facebook | Protect Pit Bulls from BSL

Pit bulls are the most common shelter breed.

“The American Pit Bull Terrier and various Pit Bull-type dogs make up the vast majority of purebred dogs found in shelters. In fact, there are nearly 18,000 dogs waiting for their forever homes listed on the website. That’s a huge number of homeless animals for just a single breed. These dogs come from various backgrounds and can make an excellent companion for the right home,” writes I Heart Dogs.

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As far as their capabilities? They can be trained to do all the same things as shepherds.

“Universal K9 trains dogs for narcotics, explosives, cadaver, and arson detection. We also train dogs to track for criminal apprehension and have trained dogs for vapor detection as well,” said Brad Croft of Universal K9.

Facebook | Protect Pit Bulls from BSL

And, for the record, breed has nothing to do with ability.

And dog experts know this.

“Any dog that has the drive, confidence, and desire to work can do it! Breed does not dictate a dog’s ability to work. I personally have a mutt – I have no idea what breed mix she is – but she is the best working dog I have ever come across! She can find narcotics and track people better than any ‘typical’ police dog I’ve ever seen.”

Little Things

Are you a fan of pit bulls?

Tell us about a pit bull in your life, post pictures, and let us know what you think about this initiative to get pit bulls into the police force!


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