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‘Vicious Animal’ Turns Out To Be Kissable Pit Bull


ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) – St. Louis County police are getting some love — or puppy love — on their Facebook page after sharing a photo showing a Jennings officer responding to a “vicious animal” call.

In the photo, an officer is seen squatting down, receiving licks and kisses from a pit bull or pit bull-mix.

Turns out, the dog wasn’t so vicious after all.

“Jennings officer’s were called out for a vicious animal. All we found was this little guy. He likes kisses. #puppylove 🐶🐶,” the post reads:

The photo has been shared more than 380 times, and has more than 2,600 reactions.

And Facebook commenters don’t just think the dog is cute — the pictured officer is getting some attention for his looks, too.

“I don’t blame the dog for giving kisses. The officer is a hottie :-),” one writes.

“If that’s who they send out when there is a viscous dog, then 911 I think Cujo is on my street. 🔥,” writes another.


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