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7 Important Facts About Red Nose Pit Bull Dog Breed


Last time we got to know several things about the Blue Nose Pit Bull, which is a type of American Pit Bull Terrier. Now we will acquaint ourselves with another kind of American Pit Bull Terrier: the Red Nose Pit Bull. We will learn things about its history, temperament, etc.

1. What kind of dog is the Red Nose Pit Bull?

Some would think that the Red Nose Pit Bull is an entirely different breed of dog. The truth is that dog is just one of the many variations of American Pit Bull Terrier that happens to have a red nose pit as a color of its nose.

There is no sure way of producing a Pit Bull red nose much less Red Nose Pit Bull puppies since it can be random or by chance. One can have a greater chance of producing this red nose dog by breeding them in a Red Nose Pit Bull kennels, but the guarantee of getting a pup with a red nose is still by chance.

The differences between a Blue Nose Pit Bull and its red nose kindred are not that significant. In appearance and form, they look similar. The only difference is the nose since one dog has a blue nose pit while the other has a red nose pit. As stated earlier, the two are variations of the American Pit Bull Terrier so don’t fall for the talk that says that the Blue Nose and Red Nose Pit Bull are a new breed of dogs.

2. The Red Nose Pit Bull’s history

The dog originated in 1800s England, and their original purpose was fighting in blood sports. Bulls, as well as bears, were the opponents of Pit Bulls in blood sports and the usual outcome ends in the dog or its animal opponents dead. Later the dog was pitted against it fellow Pit Bulls in dog fights.

The dog breed eventually found another purpose when immigrants from England started to arrive in America bringing with them the Pit Bull dogs. Instead of being bred as fighters the dogs were used as catch dogs, guardians of homesteads and family pet companion. It is from this breed that Pit Bulls with red nose pit would later show up.

Today dog is found working as a police dog, therapy dog, and companion dog. The Pit Bull red nose is an uncommon type of dog. Some dog breeders exert efforts to breed and preserve this dog strain. Red Nose Pit Bull puppies and adults would emerge from the breeding efforts, but the dog still is becoming less frequent.


3. The Red Nose Pit Bull’s nature as a dog

Today’s Pit Bulls dogs are friendly in temperament, but if they detect a threat to their owners and the property belonging to them the dog becomes very protective.

Red Nose Pit Bull breeders have bred out the aggressive fighting nature of the dog, but it still possesses its protective instincts. However, the hunter instincts are still present in the dog breed, so it is best to keep it away from unfamiliar animals.

Training and socialization will enhance the loyalty and discipline of the dog. Doing these activities to an adult Red Nose Pit Bull is a difficult task. Such kinds of activities must be done on the breed when it is still a puppy.

To date, the dog has a bad reputation for aggressiveness. This underserved reputation is because even when dog fighting is now illegal, there still come people using them for these fights. Training a dog to be aggressive will make turn it into one, but if the reverse is done the dog can be a lovable animal.

4. Useful activities to do for the dog

The breed is adaptable to indoor and outdoor environments. You can thank Red Nose Pit Bull breeders for breeding a dog with that kind of flexibility. However, it is unwise to keep a Red Nose Pit Bull indoors for extended periods of time.

Take the dog out for a walk at least once a day, and let them run as well play. You could also take the dog along on a hiking trip since they love vigorous activities like this. A Pit Bull lacking in exercise can become an obese dog plagued by various health problems.

Because of the dog’s natural aggression against other animals training and socialization are needed to curb or control said aggression. In contrast, with its interaction with children, it can be affectionate and sweet.

5. Ailments that affects the Red Nose Pit Bull

Like any other pets, Red Nose Pit Bull has its share of health problems. Note that the dog is a healthy animal, but some dogs of this breed suffer from ailments due to genetics or non-genetic causes.

  • Heart disease
  • Joint problems
  • Cataracts
  • Allergies

Red Nose Pit Bull kennels may or may not be the cause of these health problems due to poor hygiene as well as inbreeding.
The hair of the dog breed is short making it easy to brush its coat. Brush the dog’s coat once a day to keep it groomed and neat. Keep an eye out when they shed their hair (though it not a big problem since they shed little hair) and clean up after them.

Overall as long as you take good care of the dog and maintain its health, the Pit Bull can have some ease from the problems. A visit to a trusted and skilled vet is a must. Also, bear in mind that being a Pit Bull Red Nose has no factor in the dog’s health. The breed is a type of Pit Bull with a red nose pit and nothing more.

6. Are Pit Bulls adaptable in indoor homes and environment?

As mentioned earlier, the dog is comfortable indoors. However, one must repeat the Pit Bull needs an outdoor exercise at least once in a day. Some dogs get agitated due to boredom and can get obesity as well as suffer from added health issues.
Whether the indoors or outdoors it is best to provide the Red Nose Pit Bull with beds, sturdy toys, food and clean water.

7.How effective is a guard dog the Red Nose Pit Bull?

Their high intelligence makes them excellent dogs at doing their job of defending their owner’s home. Training the Red Nose Pit Bull (especially when it’s still a puppy) will hone and enhance their guarding skills.

Pit Bull Red Nose will not attack someone or something first unless they see an apparent threat or danger to themselves or their owner and the owner’s home. Their ability to respond to danger is balanced by their capacity to discern friend from foe. Hence, a child can wander into their yard without any danger. Their guardian skills also extend to animals, especially dangerous ones.

Just bear in mind one thing: the Red Nose Pit Bull is just a variation of the American Pit Bull Terrier, who just happens to be born with a red nose pit. Do not pay heed to the claim of some breeders that the dog is an entirely new and different breed of Pit Bull.

These breeders will sell you the dog at an expensive prince when the actual price is similar or equal to the one would typically pay for an American Pit Bull Terrier. So be careful of buying a Red nose dog of the puppy at a very high price.

Regardless of whether your American Pit Bull Terrier possesses a red nose or not, the dog deserves all the love and care that you give to it. Looks are not important if you truly love something especially if it is your Pit Bull dog.

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