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How Pitbulls Show Affection


Dogs were created to be man’s best friend, and our closest pet. Dogs have a very loyal and loving nature and Pitbulls are no exception. Although there is an unfair opinion that they are cruel, Pitbulls are one of the fiendliest breeds. Pitbulls do not suffer from ego problems and always strive to shower their master and family with love and affection. Despite this fact, Pits are looking for a leader, but usually this is the same person.


How do Pits show their affection to their owners? Most dog experts point out the following signs of Pitbulls’ affection:

Wagging the tail. You may not believe it, but dog specialists have proved that a dog’s tail can say a lot about his mood. If you see that your Pit raises his tail and keeps it straight, that means that he is alert and full of energy. If your pet sticks his tail between the legs, that shows that he is scared. When you come back home and see your Pittie wagging his tail, this is the indication of his good mood and excitement. The signs of your Pitbull’s satisfaction may be whining and whimpering.


Licking. It is not a secret that all dogs lick their masters. The reason dogs lick is because their parents lick them when they are puppies to keep them clean and secure. There is an opinion that some Pitbulls lick because they want to secure their owners and want to show them that they are always around. Does your Pitbull do so? Then he is really loyal and loving.

Following you everywhere. Does your Pitbull happen to follow you everywhere? Have you ever thought of a reason why he acts so? He does so in order to show you that he is always ready to protect you. Some handlers believe that following a master may be the sign of anxiety for an owner. If your Pitbull is sometimes stubborn and disobeient, his following you may help instill some discipline. If you see that your Pit wags his tail, or licks you, or follows you, that means that he cares about you.


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